Romance hasn’t always been my main genre, but it has always been in the background.

During my teens, my genre was fantasy. I loved writing stories about medieval environments, magic, and wizards, but in each story, there was always a pinch of romance.

I created worlds, wrote my own languages, laws, cultures, maps, and more. I spent years creating the world I used in the “Legenden om Revial’thor” – series. That series was written in Swedish, and like in most fantasy stories, there was also a task. The characters would try to complete it, but in the meantime, love would blossom, and drama would follow.


The romance genre has had plenty of ups and downs during the years. Twenty years ago romance books weren’t considered real books, according to some, and being a romance author back then wasn’t fully accepted either. At least not here in Sweden. Today, thankfully, it’s a completely different story. Today, romance books are everywhere and the genre is very popular on Amazon.

As a teenager, I didn’t care much about what genre I wrote. I just wrote what I enjoyed to write, and that was it. Today, on the other hand, I focus on romance and mix in either fantasy, science fiction, or paranormal elements.


So why did I switch from fantasy to romance? Well, the idea of a happy ever after has always appealed to me, to watch a relationship grow between two characters and join them on their journey through life.

Emotions are important and romance novels are filled with them, and when you get that happy ever after it always feels good all over. It’s a feeling I can live on for days!

When you grow up in a world where love is hard to find, you seek it elsewhere, and I found it in books, in my stories. I love the idea of a human woman meeting a supreme being and I love even more to imagine how such a story would evolve.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to switch genre. Romance is what I enjoy writing, it’s what makes me want to keep writing, and since I have over fifty books in my head that needs to be put on paper, I don’t think I will ever put the pen away.