He visits me in my dreams, tells me he can be whoever I want him to be, that he can love me, take care of me, and take me on amazing adventures, as long as I don’t figure out who he really is.


Please note: This story is released one chapter at a time.

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Welcome to my special project!

Lirien started like a loose idea several years ago. Because of burnout I wanted to create a character I could write/draw whenever I didn’t want to start with a blank page. I wanted a character that was ready to go whenever I had a story to write.

I wanted to make the writing process as simple as possible.

Creating worlds and characters is often more time-consuming than creating the plot. At least for me, but I wanted something more with Lirien than just writing stories about him.

So, I decided to turn him into my big art project as well.

On Patreon, you get to follow along as I learn to draw using different mediums, like a drawing tablet, colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and so on. Lirien, and the world around him, is going to be my main focus. Not always, but often.

At first, I intended to keep him to myself, to create him without restrictions and demands from the world around me, something to do just for fun, but then another thought hit me.

Why not share him?

So who is he?

Well, Lirien is a lot of things. As long as you don’t know his true identity, he can take any shape he wants and visit you in your dreams to satisfy your greatest desires. 

Does he sound interesting?

If yes, then all you have to do is join tier 1 on Patreon to get access to all his stories. And if you want to follow along on my art journey, to see how he evolves on paper, then feel free to join tier 3.

How to pronounce Lirien’s name: Lee-ree-yen.

I hope you’ll have plenty of fun together with Lirien and me!